World Water Day Short Video Contest

The elixir of life -Water- what does it mean to you?
This World Water Day, 22 March 2022 School of Informatics, Digital University Kerala wants to know through a Short Video Contest open to all!
Send in a Short video recording (maximum 1 min) of your parent or grandparent sharing any memory of theirs about a river, lake, pond, well at home or village, irrigation canal, rainwater harvesting etc. and narrate what is the present condition of that water source.
Last Date for the Short Video Contest is 31 March 2022.
Exciting prizes await the Winners!!
1. Submit your entry to the contest as a comment to the Post with the hashtag #SoIW2D
2. Use the hashtag #SoIW2D
3. Only one entry is allowed per participant.
4. Entries that exceed 1 minute will be disqualified.
5. Subtitles in English must be included for the recordings in languages other than Malayalam.

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