Earn While You Learn (EWYL)

Earn While You Learn (EWYL)

Digital University has implemented the innovative EWYL scheme, in line with the Earn While You Learn scheme envisioned by the Government of Kerala. The scheme offers paid Internship opportunity for the students in the research and development projects  which the University is engaging with Government, Industry and Research organizations.This facilitates acquiring vocational skills and thereby acquiring saving habits and financial self-reliance to the students. The ultimate aim of this scheme as envisioned by the government  is to effectively transform a knowledge society into a knowledge economy.

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EWYL has been implemented, envisioning the brighter future of the students,  making them skillable and more employable by the time they graduate from the university.  This unique opportunity to acquire work experience while learning is extremely important which provides a conducive environment for the students to acquire and strengthen the required skills, by applying what they learn during their course of study and facilitates the preparedness to find a successful career. The earnings students make can provide an added motivation for learning and successfully completing their academic programmes. 

Through this scheme, the students are exposed to the world of work and get to know more about the career prospects, acquire job skills, develop interpersonal relations, and cultivate social skills, enhance employment prospects, increase industrial contacts, improve self-confidence, job knowledge, job-seeking skills, attitudes towards practical reasoning, develop greater maturity, and demonstrate competencies with the support of this scheme.

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General Guidelines :

  1. The scheme is applicable for the masters student of DUK.
  2. The student should have met the required admission requirement to be eligible to apply for the EWYL scheme.
  3. Students enrolled in traditional teaching based master programs require to spend at least one semester before starting the EWYL scheme. School chair may seek special approval if there is any deviation from this, based on the decision of the school faculty committee.
  4. Students enrolled in experience or problem based master programs can start the EWYL scheme from the first semester on-wards. School chair may seek special approval if there is any deviation from this, based on the decision of the school faculty committee.
  5. Students who have completed the course in DUK in the previous academic year are also eligible. Such students need to have at least B grade or above in the first two semesters of their study. School chair may seek special approval if there are any exceptional cases, based on the decision of the school faculty committee.
  6. The specific technical skills required to be engaged in the projects will be specified by the project coordinator or faculty supervisor. The engagement of the student will be at the role of an R&D intern.
  7. The selection of the candidates will be done through the circulation of the notification among all eligible students, an application process and an appropriate test and/or interview process.
  8. The payment to be provided for the selected candidates will be recommended by the project coordinator following the regulatory norms of the university taking into account the quantum/complexity of the work involved, experience required for the project, and relevant norms from the funding bodies.
  9. The payment may be released as a monthly stipend or as a onetime remuneration.
  10. After the completion of the academic program at DUK, an R&D intern may be allowed to work on similar terms up to a maximum of eighteen months from the date of completion of the program.
  11. A failure of a course subject during the period of study will automatically lead to automatic disqualification from EWYL engagement.
  12. Any disputes or grievances of the students arising as part of the EWYL program can be brought to the notice of chair of the grievance committee.

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Coordinator, EWYL Scheme.