Digital Science Park

Recognizing the widespread technological and social impact, Govt. of Kerala, has taken a pioneering step in announcing the Digital Science Park in the 2022 budget. The Science Park is proposed keeping in mind the advancements in the Digital Sciences and Technology Sector which would open a plethora of new industrial opportunities. It envisages research and development in various domains of Digital Sciences viz., imaging science and technologies, agri-tech, systems control and robotics, flexible and printed electronics, sensor technologies, medical device and technologies, AR&VR, 5G, electrical vehicles, blockchain, cognitive science etc. Digital University has taken initiative to set up the Digital Science Park with the assistance of KIIFB. Digital Science Park will be focused on cluster-based interactive innovation and will be developed on a network overlay of communications built over a triple helix, involving universities, industry, and the government. In the Budget Speech (2022-23), the Hon’ble Finance Minister, Government of Kerala announced to establish a ‘Digital Science Park’ adjacent to the Digital University.

Social Importance

Science park will have a Research Facility and will act as a translational facility to transfer the knowledge to Business Units, Start-ups and Innovation ecosystem that aligns with it. It also act as an intermediary to connect the innovation ecosystem in the region with the research facilities as well as Commercial business units capable of using such innovation brings all electronic and materials lab under one umbrella and clean room facility.

Future Action Plan

Digital Science Park will be a third generation Science Park. It is designed with an innovation philosophy of cluster based interactive – innovation and to be developed on network overlay of communications built over a triple helix involving Universities, Industry and Government. The proposed park will initially have two building with a total of 1,50,000 sq.ft. The first building with 1,00,000 sq.ft in 5 floors will house Centre of Excellences including research labs and Digital incubator, while the second building of 50000 s.ft will house administrative as well as Digital Experience centre. This will be set up within 3 years.

Achievements so far

A 13.93 Acres of land has been identified in Technopark-Phase IV for establishment of Digital Science Park. Approval has been granted by the Government to transfer the land to Digital University Kerala from Technopark Phase IV. Transferring of the land by Technopark is being awaited. I Stone laying ceremony of the Digital Science Park was formally done by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on 25 th April, 2023. Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala inaugurated the Initial commencement of the Digital Science Park at Kabani building in Technopark Phase IV which is about 13000 sq.ft. area on August 1, 2023

The total Budget outlay of the project is Rs.1515 crores and out of which Rs.1175 crores will be funded by KIIFB and the remaining fund to be generated from Industrial partners. Government have accorded in principal sanction for the setting up of the Digital Science Park. Govt of Kerala have granted approval for KIFFB funding of Rs.200 crore. DPR Submitted to KIFFB for funding which is under progress.