MoU Partners

Sree Narayana Guru Open University

Conduction of Programmes: Certificate Course in Decentralization and local Self-Governance.

State GST Department

Advancement in New Data Analytical/Machine Learning technologies, analytics on Tax data to extract the right information about taxable transactions.

The State Election Commission

To digitize election process- preparation of roll, delimitation of wards, polling stations, deployment of polling staff, and direct transfer of remunerations.

Animal Husbandry, Government of Kerala

New Software development for SLBP Scheme

RIAB, Dept. of Industries and Commerce Govt. of Kerala

Functional requirement study for the design and deployment of ERP Solution at selected 9 public sectors units under the Department of Industries and commerce which are monitored by RIAB.

ManjraSoft Pty Ltd.

To Establish broad collaboration in designing and conducting education programmes, R&D and intellectual property generation, and commercialization activities.


Novation Agreement NASSCOM Foundation

The Hydrographic Survey Wing

A web-based platform for efficient management of all Hydrographic Data in GIS platform encompassing communication, gathering and sharing of data. This will include a Web portal for data visualisation and analysis.

Department of Archeology GoK

E Ticketing System

Department of Economics and Statistics- Government of Kerala

The scope of the project is to do a detailed requirement study and prepare an indepth module- wise Functional Requirement Specification (FRS) for the development of the new application, and based on FRS of each module develop the application for intelligent data engineering & analytics for DES. Data Analytics Services, Training, and Maintenance shall be mutually agreed upon in a separate proposal.

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER)

Establish a framework within which Research and Technology cooperation may develop between two institutions- Joint Research and Development, Development of MSc MTech and PhD Programmes in Data Sciences, Electronics and inter disciplinary themes, CoE in Data Science, Electronics and Translational Research.

University Hospital Tubingen and Eberhard Karls University Tubingen

Myelin Water fraction of the brain using gradient echo imaging with short-train length.


The purpose of this MoU is to establish broad collaboration between DUK and ICAR-CTCRI in research, design, and development of innovative products/projects, conducting education programs, intellectual property generation and commercialization of products developed on the basis of equality and reciprocity and promote relations and mutual understanding between both the organizations.

Manappuram Foundation

The parties intend to promote co-operation in the areas where there is alignment of strategy and objectives. Through this, both organizations can bring their expertise and resources to the table to create innovative and impactful solutions- CSR Activities.

Manappuram Finance

The parties intend to promote co-operation in Capacity Building, Research and Projects by working together where there is alignment of strategy and objectives.

Excise Department

An effort to achieve better governance, transparency, and operational efficiency. The Excise department has decided to digitalize the entire process of sale of toddy shops, which is currently being done manually.

Animal Husbandry

Implementation of a Web Accessible Geographical Information System for Mapping, Monitoring and Modeling Diseases.

Project Management Institute Kerala

Collaborating with PMI Kerala to organize events/sessions.

QL Space

The parties intend to promote co-operation in Capacity Building: Joint Projects: and Consultancy by working together where there is alignment of strategy and objectives.


To develop an AI based Unified Search Engine and interactive virtual user assistant application as part of Intelligent Library and Information System.

Archaeology Dept

Development of centralized e-Ticket issuing and monitoring system for the Dept. of Archaeology.

Kerala Women's Commission

Website Maintenance Agreement

Kripya Solutions Pvt. Ltd

SoESA – Academic and Research Collaboration.