Sini V. Pillai


Research Officer

Research Officer at Kerala University of Digital Sciences, Innovation and Technology (Digital University Kerala). She is a management professional with 15 years of experience in institutional settings. She started her career with banking industry and then to academics to join as Assistant Professor at College of Engineering Trivandrum.

Educational Qualification

PhD in Management Studies from University of Kerala

MBA in Operations and Systems

B-Tech from Government Engineering College Thrissur

Areas of expertise:Operations Management, Quantitative Techniques, Management Information Systems, Software Management, Six Sigma

She is skilled in managing research and consultancy activities, supervising students and staffs towards an outcome-oriented education in a collaborative environment and committed to diversify into unaddressed socially relevant segments. Resource person in technical sessions hosted by industry and academic institutions and hosted about 30 training programs including MDPs for various beneficiaries in areas of leadership, smart governance and Lean Six Sigma.

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