Sherin D R

Sherin D R

Assistant Professor

School of Digital Sciences
Kerala University of Digital Sciences, Innovation and Technology,
(Digital University Kerala- Estd. by the Govt. of Kerala)

Research Interests

  • Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology
  • Computer-Aided Molecular Discovery
  • ML in drug/probe/biomarker discovery

Honors and Awards

• 2003-Dr. N. S. Warrier Award
• 2004-N. Krishnaswami Iyer Memorial Gold Medal
• 2006-Dr. P.V. Nair Gold Medal

• 2009-Maulana Azad National Fellowship
• 2015-KSCSTE Post-Doctoral Fellowship
• 2022-Chief Minister’s Nava Kerala Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Books/Book chapters

Chapter titled “Theory, Modelling, and Simulation in Supercapacitors” was accepted
to be published in the contributed volume “Polymer Nanocomposites in
Supercapacitors” by CRC Press, Taylor & Francis
(ISBN: 978-1-032-00545-4).