Ajith Kumar R

Mr.R.Ajith Kumar

Assistant Professor

Ajith Kumar. R is working as Assistant Professor at Digital University Kerala.  He holds his masters in Information Science and MBA in Systems. He has completed his advanced training course on Information science and Systems from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.  His major Teaching and Research areas includes Information systems (IS), ERP, Data Analytics, Database Systems, e-Governance, Enterprise systems, Software Engineering, Precision Agriculture and Agricultural Informatics. He is also the Chief Co-coordinator of Agricultural Informatics division of the institute and implemented many Agri Informatics projects.  Prior to Joining IIITMK, he worked with MONSANTO Research Centre (The Global Agri Biotech Company) at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

He is the Principal Investigator and Coordinator for many of the Information Systems and e-Governance Projects funded by various National and state level Organizations. He possess over 20 years of solid experience in the design and implementation of Information Systems, e-Governance/enterprise and Agri Informatics based projetcs . Key professional skills include Information Systems Architecture, Project Design and implementation, Enterprise Systems, Project Management, Software Engineering, ERP, Data Analytics, Project Consulting etc. He is the principal Consultant for the design and implementation of  many ERP and Information Systems projects to several Departments and agencies. He had conducted more than 50 training and capacity building programs in the areas of Agri Informatics, e-Governance and Information Systems and guided many academic projects and thesis in the post graduate level. Published several papers in conference, symposia, workshops and book chapters. Delivered invited talks in several Conferences, Seminars and symposia in National and international level. He served as a key resource person for many workshops and training programs etc.

Ajith has conceptualized, designed and implemented more than 20 major projects in the area of Agricultural Informatics, Information Systems, Decision Systems and Enterprise systems for many State and National level agencies and Departments. He had received Project Funding and Grant  for more than Rs. 50 crores (500 millions) from various Government agencies and Agencies.  Some of  the projects designed by him has received wide acclaims (awards and recognitions) in the National  and International level.

Major Funded Projects (Project Investigator)

  • “Re-designing the farmer-extension- agricultural research/education Continuum in India with ICT-mediated Knowledge Management”- A consortium project under National Agriculture Innovation Project (NAIP) component – 1, Funded by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), 2009-2010. (Major collaborators, IIT Kanpur, IIT Bombay, ICRISAT)
  • Soil based Plant Nutrient Management Information System for Coffee Funded by Coffee Board, Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India (2018-Continuing)
  • KISSAN Kerala – A Multi-Modal Agricultural Information System, Funded by Department of Agriculture, Govt. Of Kerala (2003- Continuing)
  • PLANSPACE – An Integrated Online Plan Monitoring System for Govt of Kerala (Implemented across 225 Departments and agencies), Funded by Kerala State Planning Board. (2008- Continuing)
  • Chief Minister Office – Project Management and Monitoring System, Funded by Department of Planning and Economic Affairs, Govt. of Kerala (2018-Continuing)
  • Crop Pest Surveillance System : An intelligent, spatial enabled decision support system for effective crop pest and disease management, Funded by Department of Agriculture Govt. of Kerala. (2017-Continuing)
  • Soil based Plant Nutrient Management Information System : for Kerala , Funded by Department of of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala (2015-continuing)
  • Integrated Project Management Information System for Life Mission Kerala (A Mission Project of Govt of Kerala for livelihood inclusion and Financial empowerment) (2019-Conitnuing)
  • Research project on “Enhancing the economic viability of coconut based land use systems for land use planning in Kerala State”, Funded by Kerala State Planning Board. (2014- Continuing)
  • Kissan Krishideepam : The Digital media management project in Agriculture with active corporate partnership with Asianet /Star Communications Ltd and Google YouTube, Funded by Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala (2003-Continuing)
  • Knowledge Management System for High Tech Agriculture in Kerala , Funded by Department of of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala (2016)
  • Design and Implementation of Mobile-Governance(m-Governance) infrastructure for Farmer advisory system, Funded by Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala (2008-2010)
  • Design and Development of Database Series on State Plan For Human Development for UNDP. Funded by Kerala State Planning Board (2011)
  • Development of Database on Agro Ecological planning for Kerala Funded by Kerala State Planning Board (2015)
  • Virtual University for Agricultural Trade (VUAT) – An integrated e-Learning platform , Funded by Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala (2008-2010)
  • ATMA Kerala : A state level monitoring System for ATMA Kerala Funded by Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala
  • Coconut Planting material production and Traceability System, Funded by Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala
  • Center for Agri Informatics and Agri Business Management funded by Planning Board, Government of Kerala (State Plan Fund)
  • e-Krishi : A virtual platform for farmers and traders for commodity aggregation and trading, Funded by Kerala State IT Mission.

Major Consultancy Projects

  • ERP implementation at Kerala State Beverages Corporation. Scope of work : System Study and project design for end to end operations, BPR/GPR, preparation of RFP for Software, Preparation of Technical Specifications and RFP for Hardware, SDWAN based network solutions, Data Centre, project management and implementation monitoring, Acceptance (Funded by KSBC, Govt. of Kerala)
  • ERP Implementation study for the selected PSU`s (Funded by RIAB, Department of Industries, Govt. of Kerala). Scope of Work : ERP Functional Requirement Study for selected 9 PSU
  • Project Management Consultancy for Kerala Real Estate Regulatory Authority – Kerala (K-RERA) for the implementation of Online Information System

Major Recognitions and Awards

  • Appreciation Citation from Chief Minister of Kerala (2015) for the design and implementation of PLANSPACE Project (State Level)
  • Manthan Award Asia Pacific 2012 under the category e- Agriculture for Soil Nutrient Management Information System project of Kerala (International)
  • Stockholm Challenge Award 2010 : “Honorable mention” for KISSAN Kerala Project. Stockholm Challenge is Considered to be the highest recognition in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) initiative worldwide (Internal National)
  • E-india national award 2009 : Best ICT enabled Agriculture Initiative of the year for Kissan Kerala Project (National Level)
  • First Kerala State e-governance Award – 2009 for the implementation of Online farmer centric e-governance services (State Level)
  • Manthan Award South Asia – 2008 for Design and Development of integrated, multi-modal agricultural information system for Kerala (International Level)
  • PC QUEST Best IT implementation of the year – 2007 : for Kissan Kerala Project under Govt category (National Level)
  • Recipient of IIITM-K Director’s Commendation Certificate – 2008
  • MONSANTO Above and Beyond Award – 2001 : MONSANTO GLOBAl TECHNOLGY AWARD from MONSANTO Inc, USA for the outstanding performance and innovation.
  • MONSANTO GKEP integrity Award- 2000 : For the best team player in Monsanto Genomics group, Monsanto Research Centre, IISc, Bangalore.