Balasubramaniam S

Balasubramaniam S

Assistant Professor

Dr. Balasubramaniam S is an Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering (SoCSE), Kerala University of Digital Sciences, Innovation and Technology (Formerly IIITM-K), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. Prior to Joining DUK, he was with the school of computer science and engineering, Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai where he worked as a senior associate professor. He is doing post-doctoral research in department of applied data science, Noroff University College, Norway. He received his Ph.D from Department Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University, Chennai. His research interests include machine learning, deep learning-based disease diagnosis, cloud computing security and electric vehicles.


  • Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering – Anna University , Chennai – 2015
  • M.E – Anna University, Chennai
  • B.E – Anna University, Chennai

Professional Experience:

  • Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering (SoCSE), Digital University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India , From Feb 2024.
  • Associate Professor Senior, School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCOPE), Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai, Tamilnadu, Dec 2023 to Jan 2024.
  • Assistant Professor (C), Data Science, Department of Futures Studies, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India Mar 2021 to Dec 2023
  • Visiting/Adjunct Faculty, School of Digital Sciences, Digital University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India Sep 2022 to Sep 2023
  • Associate Professor, Cape Institute of Technology, Tirunelveli Jan 2018 to Nov 2020
  • Associate Professor, V V College of Engineering, Tirunelveli Aug 2017 to Jan 2018
  • Associate Professor, Cape Institute of Technology, Tirunelveli Nov 2015 to Jul 2017

Selected Publications:


  • Balasubramaniam S, Vijesh Joe C, Chinnadurai Manthiramoorthy, K Satheesh Kumar, “ReliefF based feature selection and Gradient Squirrel Search Algorithm enabled Deep Maxout Network for detection of heart disease”, Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, Vol.87, (2024),105446, Elsevier.
  • Balasubramaniam S and K Satheesh Kumar, “Optimal Ensemble learning model for COVID-19 detection using Chest X-ray images”, Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, Vol.81, (2023) ,104392, Elsevier – Listed in WHO website.
  • Balasubramaniam S, Vijesh Joe C, Sivakumar T A, Prasanth A, K Satheesh Kumar, Kavitha V, Rajesh Kumar Dhanraj, “Optimization enabled Deep Learning Based DDoS Attack Detection in Cloud Computing”, International Journal of Intelligent Systems, vol.2023,2039217,1-16,2023, Wiley-Hindawi.
  • Balasubramaniam S, Mohammad Haider Syed, Nitin S More, Polepally Vijayakumar, “Deep Learning-Based Power Prediction Aware Charge Scheduling Approach in Cloud based Electric Vehicular Network”, Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, vol.121, May 2023,105869, Elsevier – IF:8
  • S Balasubramaniam, Dr. Shantappa G Gollagi, “Software defect prediction via optimal trained convolutional neural network”, Advances in Engineering Software, Vol.169 (2022), 103138, Elsevier.
  • Avishek Choudhury, S Balasubramaniam, Ambala Pradeep kumar, S Karthikeyan, Sanjay Nakharu Prasad Kumar, “PSSO: Political Squirrel Search Optimizer driven Deep Learning for severity level detection and classification of Lung Cancer”, International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making, World Scientific Publishing Company.
  • Ajitha S S, Rasmi S, Balasubramaniam S, Suryabhan S P, Charanjeet Singh, “Hybrid Optimization Model for Design and Optimization of Microstrip Patch Antenna”, Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies, e4640, (2022), Wiley.
  • Muthu Meenakshi, Balasubramaniam, Charanjeet Singh, Pallavi Sapkale, Moresh Mukhedkar, “An Efficient and Secure Authentication Approach in VANET Using Location and Signature-Based Services”, Ad hoc & Sensor Wireless Networks, Vol.53 ,1-2 (2022): 59-83, Old City Publishing Inc.
  • Balasubramaniam, S., and K. Satheesh Kumar “Fractional Feedback Political Optimizer with Prioritization-Based Charge Scheduling in Cloud-Assisted Electric Vehicular Network”, Ad hoc & Sensor Wireless Networks, Vol.52,3-4 (2022): 173-198, Old City Publishing Inc.
  • Shantappa G. Gollagi and  Balasubramaniam , “Hybrid model with Optimization tactics for software defect prediction” , International Journal of Modelling , Simulation and Scientific Computing , (2023) , 2350031 , 34 pages , World Scientific Publishing Company
  • Balasubramaniam S, K Satheesh Kumar, Kavitha V, A Prasanth, Siva Kumar T A, “Feature selection and Dwarf Mongoose Optimization enabled deep learning for heart disease detection”, Computational Intelligence and Neuro Science, vol.2022, Article ID: 2819378, 11 pages,2022, Hindawi.


  • Balasubramaniam, S., Sandra Grace Nelson, M. Arishma, and Anjali S. Rajan. “Machine Learning based Disease and Pest detection in Agricultural Crops.” EAI Endorsed Transactions on Internet of Things10, 2024, (Best Paper Award).

Patents Published/Granted:

  • Australian Patent – Title: A Nutmeg Decorticator with sorter-grader based on Machine Learning, Patent Type: Innovation Patent, Status: Granted, Date: 23.03.2022, Patent Number: 2021103691.
  • Indian Patent – Title: An Adaptive Controller-based flexible home theatre integrated with Smart TV & Air purification system, Status: Published, Date: 22.07.2022, Patent Application Number: 202231036763, Status: Date:14.06.2023. Patent Number :434543
  • Indian Patent – Title: A Device for Online Video meetings and Inbuilt emotion-based Attendance Report, Status: Published, Date: 08.07.2022, Patent Application Number: 202231034509, Current Status: Hearing Completed (Waiting for Grant).
  • Indian Patent – Title: The Secure Payment Method in Health Care using Computer Deep Learning and Cloud Monitoring, Status: Published, Date: 17.06.2022, Patent Application Number: 202241027497.
  • Indian Patent – Title: A smart device for data collection of agriculture system, filing date: 09/09/2022, Published date: 16.09.2022, Patent Application Number: