Digital University Kerala Establishes Brain Computing Lab


Digital University Kerala (DUK) has recently inaugurated a state-of-the-art brain computing lab at its Centre for Excellence in Brain Computing (CEBC). The lab, equipped with advanced facilities to extract and process EEG signals, was officially opened on June 14, 2023, by Sri. P Suresh Babu, the registrar of DUK. During the felicitation ceremony at the inaugural function, Dr. Elizabeth Sherly, the head of CEBC, expressed her views on the significance of the brain computing lab by stating “The inauguration of this brain computing lab represents a significant milestone for Digital University Kerala and highlights the institution’s commitment to fostering cutting-edge research in the field of neuroscience.”

The inauguration ceremony included a comprehensive training session on the utilization of the lab’s cutting-edge equipment. One of the key features of the lab is its 16-channel EEG signal extraction and processing software, enabling researchers to analyze brain activity with greater precision. CEBC is in the process of expanding the lab’s facilities by acquiring devices for eye tracking. This expansion forecasts more comprehensive research to advance the field of brain computing.

With the establishment of this new lab, CEBC aims to expand the horizons of ongoing research in various fields. Computer vision, speech research, and brain activity studies will benefit significantly from the lab’s capabilities. Moreover, the implications of this research extend to multiple domains, including user experience design, customer and market research, neurology, psychology, educational research, clinical psychology, and human-computer interaction. With its advanced facilities, the lab is intended to make substantial contributions to the scientific community and pave the way for exciting breakthroughs in brain-computer interaction.

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