Multi-layer PCB design – do’s and don’ts

PCBs are literally used in every electronic product. As more and more components are required to be added to the circuit boards, they need to be made compact and efficient. This short course provides you with an overview of multi-layer PCB design, giving an overview of signal integrity tools and analysis

Join this crash course and learn about the emerging area!

Program details:

The one-day introductory program will address the following questions:

  • Introduction to PCB design
  • What are the design considerations for PCB design?
  • Introducing the tool for PCB design and its libraries.
  • How to draw schematic design and board routing for multilayer PCB?
  • PCB design for simple IoT sensors, Audio amplifier
  • Signal integrity analysis for the designed PCB

Time: 9:30am-5:00pm (Intensive mode, hybrid mode)

Location: Digital University Kerala, Trivandrum

Fees: Rs 7000 (offline), Rs 10000 (online)

Date: 15th, Saturday, Jan 2022