Low power CNNs

Neural networks are always inspired from human brain architecture. Brain collects information from the neuron where the learning process occurs by changing the effectiveness of the synapses. Convolutional neural network is a powerful neural network that is used for mainly vision based problems. Let’s understand how similar the brain learns and memories with the training process of CNN.

Join this crash course and learn about the emerging area!

Program details:

The one day introductory program will address the following questions:

  • Understanding the computing analogy of the human brain-how the brain works?
  • How similar are neural networks to the brain?
  • What is CNN architecture and how is it working?
  • CNN architectures and its variants
  • How to train for a vision based problem?

Time: 9:30am-5:00pm (Intensive mode, hybrid mode)

Location: Digital University Kerala, Trivandrum

Fees: Rs 7000 (offline), Rs 10000 (online)

Date: 22nd, Saturday, Jan 2022