Fundamentals of Quantum Computing – a crash course for business professionals and managers

By the next two years, a large number of companies around the world will be budgeting for quantum computing projects. The power and growth potential of quantum computing can solve problems that are impossible to solve today.

Discover the potential of quantum computing and don’t be left out of the next biggest computing race. This growing field will need a new generation of experts and technologies, posing a wide range of challenges and business opportunities.

Join this crash course and learn about the emerging area!

Program details:

The one day introductory program will address the following questions:

  • Introduction to quantum computers – what is so special about them?
  • What are quantum algorithms?
  • How is quantum computing different from classical computing?
  • How to simulate quantum systems?
  • What are the business and technological possibilities with quantum computing?

Time: 9:30am-5:00pm (Intensive mode, hybrid mode)

Location: Digital University Kerala, Trivandrum

Fees: Rs 7000 (offline), Rs 10000 (online)

Date: 8th, Saturday, Jan 2022