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By the next two years, a large number of companies around the world will be budgeting for quantum computing projects. The power and growth potential of quantum computing can solve problems that are impossible to solve today.   Discover the potential of quantum computing and...
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World-renowned Stanford University has released a report of the top 2% scientists in the world in various fields and over 1000 Indian scientists made it to the list. The list of top scientists was created by Stanford experts on the basis of standardised citation indicators...
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Maker Village Kochi has come up with an agile multi-purpose decontamination device that can sanitise items ranging from N95 masks to vegetables, thus checking the spread of Covid. ‘Lumos’ has been designed specifically to address the coronavirus pandemic, but the certified UVC medical-grade disinfection system...
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Fundamentals of Quantum Computing – a crash course for business professionals and managers
November 26, 2021
Digital University Kerala, Technocity campus conducted online program to observe International Day of Yoga 21 June, 2021.
June 24, 2021
IIITM-K upgraded to a Digital University
January 12, 2021