Award for the Best Digital Innovation for Social Impact

Marking the 20-year milestone in India, Allianz partnered with DUK to launch the Award for the Best Digital Innovation for Social Impact that recognizes socially committed brilliant minds. The award was constituted by Allianz, who found synergy with Digital University of Kerala, whose motto is-“Curating a responsible digital world”. This award is a platform to highlight and celebrate the innovative efforts of the students from the Digital University Kerala to make a positive impact in local communities using digital technology as a force for good through its Social Engagement Centre. It acknowledges the importance of using technology to address today’s most pressing challenges.
Dr. Barbara Karuth-Zelle, Member of the Board of Management of Allianz Group and Prof. Saji Gopinath, Vice Chancellor, DUK, launched the award, presented on stage by Jison John. The event was attended by several board members, top management and employees of Allianz.

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