Student Entrepreneurship Scheme

This scheme is for ongoing students to develop and nurture entrepreneurship while studying. Students can form a team and submit a proposal online through the Wise site. For student Entrepreneurship, the policies and guidelines laid down by the Department of Higher Education, Government of Kerala for colleges and universities will be followed.
The team may register it as a private limited company/limited liability partnership/partnership of any legally recognized entity or can continue for a period without registration. After the completion of the course, there is a provision for adopting a new Entrepreneurs Scheme.

                                             New Entrepreneurship Scheme

This programme will give new women entrepreneurs the chance to launch a business with the help of WISE. By providing infrastructure, mentoring, training, and support, this would enable and nurture young minds to apply their ideas and innovations by developing cutting-edge technologies and research into established and profitable ventures.
WISE will manage the centre, which will give financial help and a contingency grant to members of the entrepreneurship for a two-year term. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, should work hard to make more money in order to provide better financial support to their employees.



The ideation stage of preincubation is where technologists with a potentially novel concept can be provided with a working space. During this time, the entrepreneur acts as developing the proposal into a proof of concept and preparing him to comprehend the technological feasibility of the offered idea. Our working ecosystem can sometimes produce a slew of possible breakthroughs or startup teams. WISE will assist the entrepreneurs by mentoring them or by providing a networking platform.

Period (3 to 6 Months)


The incubation stage will last 6-18 months, during which time startups will work on product development and marketing strategies. During this stage, the entrepreneur  putting all of his resources (technology, personnel, and seed money) into developing a marketable prototype (MVPs). At this point, WISE will assign them specific seats/modules, as well as cash or grants as appropriate under the department’s programme and the appropriate mentorship.

Period (6 to 18 Months)