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Instructions to Candidate

  • All applicants are advised to complete the online application form on or before 30th November 2023.

  • A written test will be conducted physically on campus.

  • Shortlisted candidates eligible to appear for the written test will be contacted by email on or before 5th December 2023. If you do not recieve an email on or before 5th December 2023 , you may please send a query mail to with subject line "NOT RECIEVED INTIMATION FOR SAT".

  • The test questions will consist of a Linear Algebra part and a programming part. The candidates can opt either MATLAB or Python script to answer the programming questions. Although we have provided a tutorial link for the python script, candidates who are more comfortable with matlab can opt to answer the question using relevant matlab script.

  • The distribution of marks for the test will be according to the format shown below.
    Topics Percentage of Marks
    • Systems of Equations

    • Matrix Arithmetic & Operations

    • Inverse Matrices and Elementary Matrices
    • Special Matrices

    • LU-Decompositions
    • Basics of Array Operation using Matlab Or Python

  • The contents of Linear Algebra topics in pdf form can be downloaded here.
  • The contents of Programming part can be accessed here.

Important Dates

Timeline Date
Admission Portal Open 01-September 2023
Admission Portal Closure 30-November 2023
Request for SAT exemption Till midnight of 30-November 2023
Grant of Exemption to SAT (Email Notification) 05-December 2023
SAT Test Date 17-December 2023
Interview Announcement (Email Notification) 20-December 2023
Online Interview First week of January 2024
Enrolment Second week of January 2024
Commencement of Classes Second week of January 2024

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